20 Feb

If you are a die hard fan of action movies then you should never miss the movie “The Dark Knight“.Dark knight is all about bat man and how he saves the people in Gotham City and the story dark knight had a perfect base with a movie BATMAN BEGINSthe_dark_knight_posterreleased in 2005 and the story of that movie tells us how bat man evolves.Christian Bale plays the lead role in this movie dark knight as Bruce Wayne / Batman.Batman,Lieutenant James Gordon, and new district attorney Harvey Dent work together in reducing the crime rate in gotham city but suddenly the city gets deeply troubled by a criminal known as the joker and once when bat man intervenes with joker he starts to face problems more than what he expects.During the course of the movie a triangular love starts to develop between Bruce Wayne, Dent and Rachel Dawes.And the movie starts to move more interestingly after the joker kills Rachel Dawes.

Movie casting:
Christian Bale … Bruce Wayne / Batman
Heath Ledger … The Joker
Aaron Eckhart … Harvey Dent / Two-Face
Gary Oldman … James Gordon
Maggie Gyllenhaal… Rachel Dawes


4 Responses to “THE DARK KNIGHT”

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    i love the dark knight! joker had very good insights about life in general, and i agree to a lot of them. The question between good and evil, one of the most complicated in philosophy. In a recent survey done by family feud, people were asked, “what will you do if you were invisible?” do you know what the top answer is? Steal.

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