Billu barber

2 Mar

Billu barber is a story about a man who leads an ordinary life and how his life changes when he meets his school friend who happens to be super star Sahir Khan (Shahrukh Khan).

Bilas Rao Pardesi lives in a village with his wife Bindiya (Lara Dutta) and two kids and leads his life in poverty but still he seems to be happy because of his kids and wife .He is a barber and his business runs low because he is not able to upgrade himself according to the changing trends.

One day a superstar comes into his life and everything changes in billu’s life after that. A film unit visits his village to shoot a movie. It stars a superstar Sahir Khan (Shahrukh Khan), who happens once to be Billu’s school friend And all at once billu’s status in the village changes and all the people in the village seek his help to meet shahrukh khan but billu fears that shahrukh wont recognize him He makes many attempts to meet the star, but fails.

After all these hardships, he gives up.All those who seeked his help to meet shahrukh start to think that billu lied and this really upsets billu and his family.Even is own family start to think that billu lied to him will life change for billu??? Will shahrukh khan recognize his old friend?.

The movie stars Irrfan Khan , Lara Dutta , Asrani , Rajpal Yadav , Om Puri supported by Shahrukh Khan in a brief role andbillu-barber cameo appearances by Kareena Kapoor , Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. And the movie has been produced by SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment


One Response to “Billu barber”

  1. Dhinesh Pradhan March 2, 2009 at 12:12 pm03 #

    Hey thanks for linking me!

    Will link you too….but u spelled my name wrongly though its dHinesh not dhinesh

    Thanks again!

    And a tip you should try to implement is to separate ure words into sentences. Hard to read when it is in paragraphs.

    I used to have this problem too- try putting the code after ure line and it might work

    p.s. have yet to watch Billu Barber but will watch it soon. 🙂


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