Ghajini is a Memento

3 Mar

As ghajini created a big hype in bollywood with aamir khan performing one of the most difficult roles in indian cinema industry.Most of us don’t know the truth that ghajini has really a story base of an hollywood movie Memento.

The story of the english movie is same as that of ghajini in hindi with the hero suffering from short term memory loss and hunts for the man who killed his wife.

Fine lets see the movie review of ghajini .Aamir plays the lead role in the movie as sanjay and he is a big industrialist who falls in love with asin who happens to be an ordinary girl who thinks that aamir is an poor lad.


The story moves in a more interesting way when asin starts to love aamir and the turning point in the story happens when asin gets killed by the villain and the rest of the story is all about how aamir takes revenge on the villain and takes his vengeance off.

With short term memory loss (A person who will forget everything which happens new in ten minutes)how aamir finds out the person who killed asin and how he takes revenge is the main base of the story.

Ghajini was already a great success in tamil industry and its success now in bollywood has increased the image of A.R.Murugadoss in bollywood industry.

And asin’s performance in the movie has also impressed every one and no words to really tell about aamir’s performance he has worked hard in each and every part of the movie starting from building his body till shaving his hair off aamir has impressed his fans once again.


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