Vijay Mallya buys Gandhi’s belongings

6 Mar

Mahatma Gandhi’s five personal items, including the iconic round eye glasses went for auction and were bought for 1.8 million US dollars by one of the richest businessman in india “Vijay Mallya”.

James Otis,the owner of gandhi’s belongings said earlier that he has decided not to sell the products after he had a meeting with indian diplomats at the Indian Consulate in New York.

Otis earlier set some conditions to the indian government,that if he shouldn’t sell gandhi’s belongings India should shift priorities from military spending to health care especially for the poor if he has to call off the auction.

The items which were under the auction were a pocket watch, a pair of sandals and a plate and bowl and the eye glasses that were used by gandhiji.

And it is expected that mallya will get gandhi’s belongings with in a week and he will return the precious things to the indian government so that it can be kept in a museum for public view and it can be kept safely forever .

And Mr.Mallya has done a great thing by spending a lot of money and retaining gandhiji’s belongings without making it go to some other country as the second highest bid was a $1.75 million bid submitted online from Britain.


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