Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with LCD Display

9 Mar

This stylish bracelet is enabled with blue tooth and it is connected with your mobile phone so when any one calls this bracelet will start to vibrate and will display the phone number of the person who is calling in the lcd display.

And you can just press the function button to pick the call or reject while you are too busy to answer.The additional feature in this bracelet is that is this Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet comes with “Link Loss Alert Function”, if your mobile phone has gone more than 5 meters apart from you, the bracelet will alert you about that through vibration so you will notice that your mobile has been kept somewhere or has been stolen by someone.

Product Specifications:

* The main function that it has is Vibration and LCD display.

* version: 1.2 – Compatible with V1.1, V1.2 & V2

* LCD Display Size: 22mm wide

* The standby time that it has is 60 hours

* Frequency range is 2.4GHz

* Can be charged using a home pc via usb cable or in a laptop or in an Ac adapter

* Starts to vibrate when it is 5 meters away from the mobile

* It also supports headset and hands free

* Dimensions: 15mm wide x 65mm

The cost of this Vibrating Bluetooth Bracelet with LCD Display is $49.90.



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