Villu- Movie Review

10 Mar

There was huge expectations for the movie villu but all that vijay fans got is Big disappointment after watching the movie, including me being a die hard fan of vijay.

After the movie gilli vijay has never satisfied his fans truly with a movie that has some sensible story .His movies thirupatchi,sivakasi,kuruvi all were massive block buster hits but i really can’t understand which thing made those movies run successfully.

Villu had massive expectation among vijay fans with prabhu deva joining hands with vijay after the success of pokkiri and music by devi sriprasad the songs in the movie were really good and it created a hype among everyone.But as usual vijay had opted the same old fashion kinda role (a local guy).

Major Saravanan (Vijay) is a honest army officer, he is killed by three army officers while he tries to capture them for trading weapons and ammunitions to terrorists.The three army officers after killing vijay make him appear as a terrorist as they tell stories and make everyone believe it :-). exclusive-villu-stills-new361

Major Saravanan’s wife ranjitha tells this story to his son pugzhal(once again vijay) and he decides to take revenge on those three army officers and does certain things which we have seen in so many movies.And atlast vijay wins the battle and proves that his father is not a terrorist and he is a true army officer who served for the country and who atlast even gave away his life for the country.

The first introduction scene of vijay was a terrible one vijay comes flying towards the local rowdies from a distance of around 100 metres and a old lady asks seeing it whether it is spider man and another one replies for it “no it is not spider man it is pokkiri man” 😦 😦 ,and he starts to fly here and there and smashes around twenty people.

Most of vijay fans were disappointed after seeing the movie villu but the songs in the movie were really good and vijay as usual has won our hearts by some extraordinary dance performance.I really have no idea why nayanthara is there in the movie as she has no real attachment with the story and comes now and then in the movie.

Villu didn’t satisfy most of the vijay fans and really has no sense in the story line.


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  1. estella March 11, 2009 at 12:12 pm03 #

    hi…just stopping by…take care

  2. estella March 11, 2009 at 12:12 pm03 #

    hi…just stopping by…take care

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    Super dupa site….Love it….Taking your feed..will come back!

  4. vadivazhagan March 16, 2009 at 12:12 pm03 #


    Find an exclusive vijay nayanthara stills in

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