CCNA Certified

13 Mar

Atlast after 8 months i have got my CCNA certificate in my hands.I really worked hard for the ccna online exam i studied day and night for the exam because an attempt costs around 11000 rs so i had no other go other than to clear the exam in my first attempt.

I really felt nervous when i wrote the exam with a web cam monitoring me and incharge staffs walking here and there i felt like something unnatural .But the exam was easy ,questions were simple and finally when i clicked the complete exam icon it started to evaluate my answers immediately and within a minute my mark was displayed as 908 out of 1000 and i felt very happy that i passed the exam.

But even after passing the exam i didn’t get the certificate for a long time i contacted several people in the centre where i wrote my online exam and they didn’t help me properly .

Finally i decided to contact the cisco support center and sent them a mail regarding my certificate.And the reply that i got was really disappointing ,they sent me a reply that Our records indicate that your CCNA certificate was mailed and it has not been returned to our fulfillment center.

I really felt sad that even after studying hard and clearing the exam i was not able to tell in any interview that i am ccna certified .But cisco atleast gave me the option of buying a duplicate copy of my certificate and i had to spend 15$ again and i ordered another certificate.I was a little bit tensed whether the certificate will be mailed properly this time and thank god i got my certificate today and i am a ccna certified network engineer now.Hope this certificate helps me in getting a job :-).


One Response to “CCNA Certified”

  1. Friendz March 13, 2009 at 12:12 am03 #

    hey congrats on passing.. i am very happy on hearing that you have got the certificate

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