India vs New Zealand – 2nd Test Match

1 Apr

India managed to save the second test match against newzealand as the kiwi’s really outplayed the indians in the first innings but india with the experience that they have in the batting department managed to draw the match.

New Zealand won the toss and chose to bat first and they really showed the strength that they have in the batting department even though their top three batsmen T G McIntosh,M Guptill & J How failed to score runs, R Taylor and Jessy ryder really played well and and helped newzealand to score 600 runs in the first innings.

Ryder continued from where he left in the first test and he went on to score 201 runs while ross taylor scored 151 runs and they gave the perfect platform for the kiwi’s to score a total above 600.

It was really easy for the kiwi’s after that all the batsmen who came started to score some quick runs.Mccullum scored 115 runs and vettori scored 55 runs and newzealand finally decided to end their first innings for a score of 619.

Indian’s really had no clue to the newzealand attack with a mammoth total in front of them they really had no other go other than to stay there and play a patient game.

But kiwi’s bowling attack this time was really hard they were searching for wickets with every over and were desperate in making the indian’s to get a follow on.

And that is exactly what they did they removed the indian openers quickly and started to rattle the indian middle order,sachin and laxman played a patient innings while each of them scored 49 and 76 runs.

But it was really dravid who decided the course of the game as the wall stood there for 208 balls and scored 83 runs the patient knock by dravid really helped india to draw the test match else which would have been a victory for the kiwi’s.

India went on to score 305 runs and were put to bat again in the second innings .By the time Kiwi’s really started to taste victory with india putting up a poor performance in the first innings they really had all the hope to bundle up the indian batsmen in the second innings.

But this time around it was a different story ,gautham gambhir came in to the act and led the indian team to a safe zone, the left hander played a knock of 137 runs where he played out of his skin to save the test match and was too cautious about his wicket.

The indian batsmen finally got some form with Laxman scoring 124 runs and yuvraj singh who was quite out of form during the first innings scoring 54 runs it helped india to reach a total of 476 and eventually the match went on to a draw .The indian’s managed to draw this test match which was really thought will be a victory for the newzealander’s.


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