Google Talk Always Idle Plugin

7 Apr

Google talk is one of the best messenger’s that is available, it is best in each and every feature let it be consuming less amount of usage nor the upload features it has.

But everyone has a odd feeling when it happens to be the status fields that google has there is no option to put ourselves in invisible mode but the status changes in to idle mode whenever we don’t use it and leave it unused for quite a while.

But there is no option to change the status in to idle mode when ever we wish.But the new gAlwaysIdle tool adds two new options to Google Talk, allowing you to change your status to be ‘always idle’ or ‘never idle’. When your status is set to ‘always idle’, you’ll appear idle to your Google Talk buddies, even if you’re sitting at your computer typing e-mails and sending IMs.

Simply install the galwaysidle program and right click on Google Talk on the taskbar and you will be able to see three new options- �Normal Idle�, �Always Idle� and �Never Idle�.And select your status as you wish.



If you want to download the gtalk idle plugin use the link which is specified below from where you can download it.



2 Responses to “Google Talk Always Idle Plugin”

  1. Abas April 8, 2009 at 12:12 am04 #

    WOw, I never knew this plugin existed.

    I have a new site up at

    Come on over & give me a reply, Pradeep. 🙂

  2. Iceman April 12, 2009 at 12:12 am04 #

    Hey, awesome plug-in! Now I’m always idle on GTalk!

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