Modem & Router set up

3 Jul

Most of us have a brief idea about how to connect a modem to a computer.The connections that involve with in a modem are very simple and router connection appears to be complicated but its simple too.The connections in a modem are as follows

1.At the back of the modem there will be four ports Dsl,Usb,Ethernet,Power port . Ethernet is the port from where a wire should be hooked up to the computer,in case if we decide to use a usb we can avoid ethernet cable instead of which the usb cable plays the role of the ethernet cable

Power port is the one where the power chord should be connected.The dsl port is the one where the wire from the splitter / filter (or) from the wall jack will be connected ,we can easily distinguish between a ethernet wire and dsl wire from the thickness.Ethernet cable will be a little bit thicker than the dsl cable and the port size of ethernet will be bigger than that of dsl.




2.Incase if you want to connect a router along with the modem.The setup is not so difficult ,the only change that you are gonna do is that the ethernet cable from the modem that is plugged into the computer should be instead plugged in to the back of the router and apart from the port where you plug in the ethernet cable there will be other ethernet ports in the router from where a new ethernet cable should be hooked up and it should be connected to the back of the computer.We can connect up to five to six computers to the internet using a router through wired and wireless method. Thats all about it we are done with the connections and once these connections are done properly we can get connected to the internet “provided your ISP provides you proper internet connection :-)”

Video explaining the connection


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