Transformers-Revenge of the fallen

27 Jul

transformers_2The most expected movie (ROTF) of the season is finally here,and Michael Bay has given yet another blockbuster.This time around Michael bay has taken transformers in an epic canvas and the only thing that really makes the audience feel bad is the length of the movie it’s a far too long movie.

This time around the story of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen has been taken as if the Autobots are still on earth,and now allied with the US military and working along with them to protect the earth from Decepticon attacks.

But Sam Witwicky appears to be out of everything and starts a new life in college and having a good relationship with his girlfriend Mikaela .Mean time The Fallen Decepticons plan to destroy the Autobots and the earth and to secure their race.

The story moves between things that take place in Cybertron and the earth, Sam’s opening day at college, the drama on a variety of military bases, and several robot-on-robot battles , all at a breakneck pace that leaves you breathless.

One thing is clear that Bay has used a lot of technical stuffs in action sequences compared to Transformers.This time Bay has made sure that he shows the robots more clearly so that it doesn’t confuse the audience which Transformer was fighting which.

Bay has given a different astronomical special effects for cybertron with more lingering tracking shots.The most entertaining part of the movie is when there is a fight in a forest between giant robots and a fight that takes place in the pyramid.

But apart from that the movie didn’t match up with the pace that previous movie Transformer had,the movie stops dead halfway through,and suddenly tries to increase the pace.Bay has chosen the egyptian desert for the story but the Autobots, Decepticons and US Army arrive there and happens to a huge fight between them that goes on and on .Still the movie’s length can be reduced because sometimes it makes us feel as if we saw the same scene just a little while ago.But The revenge of the fallen has it’s own spark behind the tale that is loved by all Michael bay fans.


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