Maserati GranTurismo MC Corse

19 Nov


Maserati has released details and photos of its latest competition model, called the GranTurismo MC Corse Concept, which was planned special debut at Paris Motor Show.

This perfect car has been urbanized specifically for the circuit is based on the GranTurismo S and possesses the same lightweight 4.7-liter engine V8. The engineers have done a little crushed much of the power unit with a power of 440HP to 450 HP. The update is performed with a new technique of air intake, competition-spec catalytic converters, revised airflow and exhaust of a new approach.



It s been a Chief of the essence of Nirvana at the Paris Motor Show this week, particuarly with cars like the new MC Corse concept of appearing. Based on the GranTurismo S, which shares the same 4.7 light-liter V8 engine was added just 10bhp – just for fun. The new 450bhp performance can be attributed to a new air intake, competition-spec catalytic converters, revised airflow and a new exhaust pipe.

But the real news here is the new improved aerodynamic kit that transforms the car corridor. The kit includes a separator before the new enlarged rear spoiler and side skirts that practically licking the asphalt. An improved suspension system, is arranged around these lines of race and the 18-inch wheels with disc brake calipers and large monobloc racing with the power to keep the car stable and on-Check. Sports Enlarged brake discs with monobloc racing clips. Only if there are many hairy moments, an approved FIA Rollcage is there to save her good looks.

Maserati GranTurismo MC Corse Concept Specifications

Layout Front Engine, RWD
Fuel Tank 100 lt, with carbon safety structure, FIA approved
Brakes Steel discs, front 380 mm, rear 313 mm, without ABS
Displacement 4,691 cc
Engine Type Naturally Aspirated V8
Horsepower 450 bhp
Torque 376 lb-ft. @ 4750 rpm
Chassis In welded steel with integral rollcage structure, FIA approved
Body Type Two Door, One Seat GT-Class Race Car
Material In composite material. Windscreen and rear and side windows in Lexan
Wheels (F) 12 in x 18 in
Wheels (R) 13 in x 18 in
Tires (F) 285/650/18
Tires (R) 315/690/18
Cockpit Backward-set driving position, with racing seat, dashboard and control console in carbon throughout
Safety 6-point seat-belt compatible with HANS protection system, full roll cage


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