Yoostar on Esquire

10 Dec

Yoostar is a new type of software that lets you be the star of your favorite movie or TV show.

“What is Yoostar ™?

With Yoostar, can do more than just sit and watch their favorite movies, television shows and video. You can turn them alongside your favorite players, play the role you want, and share its success with the world.

Yoostar is the next generation social entertainment – immersive, incredibly fun experience that brings the film and television that the love with moviemaking, online sharing and social networking.

When you buy a Yoostar system, you get the tools you need to transform your home into a movie studio: specially crafted Web camera, green screen and stand, remote control and Yoostar software that makes it easy on paper of their favorite celebrities. Simply plug the USB port on your personal computer (PC), and you’re ready to roll.

Yoostar The system comes with a first set of scenes, and hundreds more charismatic, well-known scenes from the history of video are available for purchase and download Yoostar vast library.

Once you’ve registered your performance, you can download Yoostar.com 24 / 7 online Multiplex with millions of viewers. The Yoostar.com you can share your success with friends, the results of view of others, and participate in competitions. You can also use the widget to their sites Yoostar integrate performance into their favorite social networks like Facebook and MySpace. (Of course, if you are not ready for prime time, you can keep your performance just for you).

Yoostar The system is available at major retailers and online. ”



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