Michael Vidal Basement Lounge

25 Dec

The Fair basement originally designed by Michael Vidal, is located in the heart of Long Beach. A fun, a luxury club full of fun without having to carry you. A meter Ultra Lounge Broadlind hidden beneath the historic milestone in the East Village of Long Beach. Every inch of the ground floor is designed with state of the art for acoustical sound surprising feature our exclusive DJ for listening and dancing. Saved from “The Cave”. The only underground ultra lounge Long Beach, hidden under the historical reference point Broadlind East Village on Broadway and Linden. As you undertake your senses with an atmosphere that emphasizes the past and present. Our tickets gourmet spirits of design and service are sure to satisfy all your desires. Every inch of the ground floor is designed with state of the art sound, because of its incredible features our exclusive events and international DJs for listening and dancing.All these are available only at Michael Vidal Basement Lounge

Every inch of this way, the sexy club exudes the kind of style you want to see a super high-end resort for the rich and famous. The club is a nod to the marble beautifully executed Moroccan design, wood, glass and touches of luxury light blue across the room and the VIP area.

Ice Bar is located at 49 Pine Avenue, and offers its customers a combination of sushi and tapas in a decadent lounge. ICE occupies 7,000 square feet on the ground floor of the Historic Center in Long Beach ocean. Bringing a new chic restaurant and lounge with all custom furnishings in white leather, ostrich, modularArts wall panels, advanced LED lighting and a state-of-the art sound system. ICE was created to attract Trendsetting customers with style and passion for food and atmosphere.

A key element of the restaurant is composed of solid ice. Currently, only two in the United States, Las Vegas and Orlando. Once completed, the ICE is going to live alone in California. Customers can enjoy specialty libations in a room with walls of solid ice and ice furniture.


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