Avatar-Movie Review

11 Jan


The story is set in 2154, three decades after a multinational has established a mining colony on Pandora, a planet light years from Earth. A toxic environment and hostile natives – a bureaucrat invites local companies “cold blue” – the forces involved conglomerate with Pandora by proxy. Human beings live in oxygen cocoons soaked, but moving in the mines or face a hostile creatures on the planet in the heavily fortified armor and robotics – as avatars.

The protagonist, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a former Marine, persons with disabilities who took the place of his twin brother died in the avatar program, a sort of bone thrown to the scientific community by the company with the hope of the study Pandora and its people could create a more peaceful planet.

Without any training, Jake must soon learn to relate consciousness to an avatar, a biological body remotely controlled, mixing human DNA with that of the native population, the Na’vi. As it is not prudent and very curious, was launched immediately to fresh air – natural – to open several cans of worms.

What glory Jake Cameron created for fun at all in a neat 3D realism. It is all fairy tale about dragons dogs, magic plants, Creepy Crawlies strangely hypnotic and wild wrapped in a tropical forest with a very advanced spiritual development. It appears that – although scientists led by Sigourney Weaver Up Doc have barely scratched the surface – a flow of wave energy by the tree roots and spores of plants, including how to exploit Na’vi.

The center of life is a sacred tree where tribal memories and wisdom of their ancestors is theirs for the asking. That’s what people want to strip mine.

Jake manages to turn tribe, where a powerful call Neytiri Amazon (Zoe Saldana) takes him under his wing to teach him to live in the woods, do not speak the language and traditions of the nature of honor. Yes, fall in love with Cameron, but never sentimental: It makes things difficult for his love of birds.

They must overcome obstacles and learn from each heart. The Na’vi have a saying: “I see”, which goes beyond the visual. This means that I see in you and in your heart.

In his month with Jake Na’vi life experiences that “real” world and that within his paralyzed body locked in a coffin as transponder device, where you can control your avatar and c is the dream. “Switching to another part is gradually your body stays with the human colony, while his consciousness is sometimes elsewhere.

Provides information on sound defensive capabilities Colonel Quaritch Na’vi Miles (Stephen Lang), the post of chief of security for the mining consortium and the villain of the film. But as Jake goes to see the world through the eyes Neytiri, which hopes to establish sufficient trust between humans and native of negotiating peace. But the company wants the land, Na’vi to take its precious raw materials for the colonel sees no reason for it.

The Battle of Pandora occupies much of the last third of the film. Animal life on the planet – the creatures of the earth and air – to fight Na’vi, but face the bullets, bombs and weapons, which apparently will be his ruin.

As with everything in “Avatar,” Cameron coldly thoughtful. With every visual tool that is capable, which takes viewers through the battle as a chief strategist, which shows how each stage in the struggle, the death of all the brave or cowardly, to change course. The screen is alive with more action and Wi-pop music with more robust than any dozen sci-fi shoot-em-up you want (see “Avatar” video game trailer here).

In the four years of development and production, no detail in the CIP is irrelevant. Contributors Cameron said after the actors. Whether in human form or as the natives, all of whom bring great vitality to their roles.

Images Mauro Fiore is striking, because it melts all visual elements in a series of science fiction. You believe in the Pandora. Rick Carter and Robert Stromberg design stage Cameron brings to life with disarming simplicity.

James Horner does not interfere, but subtly rating action on the eggs during editing attributed to Cameron, Stephen Rivkin and return to John maintains a breathing rhythm that passion rather than fatigue. Not a minute is lost, there is no downtime.


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