Rca Airnergy Charger

3 Feb
airnergy charger

airnergy charger

The device has a neo-Fi circuit, which converts energy into electricity using air as a medium! The Airnergy uses a mini-USB port for connecting other devices. When tested at CES, a Blackberry Airnergy charged 30% of full-time in about 90 minutes, harnessing the power of WiFi signals.

Unlike solar chargers, wireless Airnergy charger can work 24 × 7, or even download while you sleep. It is equipped with energy harvesting WiFi hotspot Battery Pack which is in constant load until the time they spend in a WiFi environment. The number of WiFi access points and the distance from the source can affect the performance of the charger.

RCA wireless charger Airnergy based on WiFi technology for harvesting. The evolution of the partial success of a prototype wireless support, which uses the same technology, also attended in the past. However, none can match the results reported by Airnergy RCA. This amazing device will hit stores near you in the summer of this year at a price swing of $ 40.


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