Audi As8

11 May
Audi As8

Audi As8

But only to be expelled for Audi, ABT Sportsline has already submitted its version of the new A8 sedan cousin, the AS8. An ABT AS8 has been optimized to meet the high end of their drivers.
Initially, the Manly turbo diesel 4.2 liter engine is smooth performance, and other versions will follow shortly. Table customary 350HP (257kW) is lifted by ABT 385hp (283kW). As a result, the diesel engine’s torque is 880 Nm customary complicated Array: 800 Nm).
The sleek sports car from Kempten is also known to impress visually. To realize this, ABT ABT presets that cover an aerodynamic front spoiler, side skirts, an apron back with a pipe and the top of a three-part rear spoiler. To carry out this ABT AS8 also the new ABT Cr, which is available in 20 sizes and 21 inches common. This is particularly the case with many of phantom black camouflage.


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