Google Chrome OS

19 May

Google is one of the largest companies with all the software and the services they provide, and they want that to continue. Since the launch of Google Android operating system, Google has been working hard on the long-awaited operating system from Google Chrome. From what we have learned, we know about Google Chrome OS and in June this year.

Acer and underlying company must submit Chrome on OS Computex Taipei this year. As you probably know, is known for Acer notebooks and all kinds of mobile solutions, but Asus will offer at Computex this year? We might suppose, but we know you will use Chrome OS.

As for the operating system and Google Chrome is designed to be specialized operating system for network applications, most of them are powered by Google. It is based on Linux and it’s no coincidence that we call Chrome, like its popular browser. You need the Chrome’s minimalist design and transfers it to a web based operating system provides the same speed and simplicity that your browser Chrome a. It is designed for users who spend most of their time online so we can see a netbook from Acer in June

Anyway, Google has announced that Chrome will release their OS in 2010, so that we can only wait and see how to deal with Google OS with other operating systems on the market.


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  1. jagadish s p March 4, 2013 at 12:12 pm03 #

    I really like this page

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