Mobile Coupon Services

1 Sep

Cellit Mobile marketing offers solutions for all through a combination of customer service and world-class marketing expertise with technical expertise. Generate results, increase sales and reach customers may not, in a traditional marketing strategies.
After the creation of platforms and CouponZap House4Cell industry leader, which began implementation of our mobile experience for global companies, including IKEA, Self Magazine, Hearst Corporation, Subway, KFC, Zumiez, the city of Las Vegas, and many others.
Today it continues to develop revolutionary Cellit mobile platforms and build custom solutions that inform, involve and mobilize the customer base.
Cellit is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association, based in Chicago, with sales and support offices in Phoenix, Arizona, St. Louis, MO and an office opening soon in the new Bentonville, AK

In an emerging sector such as mobile, where nobody has extensive experience, the rules are defined as we go. However, while people are mentioning that the mobile adoption is a turning point, we can say the same industry in a leadership perspective. It is time for opinion leaders really emerge at the forefront of the community, away from the talk. It is time for organizations to bless and to ignore the speakers, and help SIFT raised by many individuals, organizations and groups that offer their views.

Cellit’s industry leading messaging and mobile content solutions provide simple management and real-time, trackable reporting results. Whether a large corporation or a small mom and pop shop, Cellit’s solutions are user friendly, powerful and ready to make an immediate impact.

Equipped with easy to learn navigation and interactive tools, Cellit Studio allows businesses to create impactful mobile campaigns. With affordable set-up and low monthly messaging fees, Cellit Studio is a available to businesses of all sizes. Experience the true ROI of mobile marketing over traditional marketing strategies by having access to real-time, trackable reports.

Send property listing details directly to a homebuyer’s cell phone with House4Cell easy to use property management and promotion tools. Pricing info, square footage, photos and other property details are immediately available to interested homebuyers who simply text in a keyword after seeing House4Cell signage. Buyers are even offered the opportunity to receive a sales flyer by email or fax, or to be contacted by the real estate agent directly. Adding, editing and managing listings takes only seconds.

CouponZap enables small businesses to launch mobile coupons, schedule mobile campaigns and send appointment reminders or text alerts directly to customer bases. Learning to use platform is easy, and best of all, very affordable. Users are provided with real-time reporting tools to showcasing the effectiveness of campaigns and the return on investment from using mobile marketing initiatives.


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