Aamir Khan about Rajinikanth and Endhiran

9 Oct


Like millions and millions around the world Aamir Khan is also a big fan of the southern superstar Rajinikanth. Aamir could not see the movie earlier was delighted when Rajini invited him to a special screening of the film, which was held in Mumbai for his friends and fans of Bollywood.

Just before going to the first Aamir published a series of comments on the Twitter micro blog site praising the star, so he said – “more eager to see” Robot ” Mr. Rajni rocks” also said – “To those who do not know some facts about Rajni sir: When Rajnikant does pushups, he does not lift himself, but pushes the Earth down. Rajnikant divide by zero. Rajnikant delete the recycle bin. Rajnikant can blow a revolving door. Rajnikant once initiated horse in the chin, their descendants are today called giraffes. ”

Not just Aamir, it seems that everyone in Bollywood has been the fear of Rajini, after seeing the film, the actor and celebrity Tusshar Kapoor said – “… a very funny film, but a little long. Rajni looks young and energetic, even at this age. It is not surprising that he is a superstar. “Ritesh Deshmukh in Twitter – Superstar Rajni this is a phenomenon of action in” Robot “is exactly what you look like a Rajni fan go watch it now -. A little long but worth it “..

With Endhiran, all that was unusual, first the biggest budget for a film in the history of South Asian cinema, the second is that we have seen with Rajinikanth Endhiran promote the film for the first time that otherwise never does, and the special session was part of this promotional activity, while in Mumbai also went on TV and talked about his role and the film.


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