EC Cigarettes

9 May

Nowadays so many people have become addicted for smoking habit.And smoking doesn’t affect them alone it also affects those who are near to them who inhale it.Such a situation can be avoided with the help of a electronic cigarette.

The cartridges that you purchase can also come in all sorts of different flavours, including coffee, vanilla, tobacco, and many others.The first thing you will need to do is purchase a starter kit. Your electronic cigarette starter kit will include everything from your batteries, chargers, atomisers, cartridges, and everything as you will need to get going.

The front end that is the white part of the cigarette contains a lithium battery and the vapouriser part is screwed into the battery and the tip of the front end contains nicotine and the strength of nicotine can be selected as you want ,it has three types of nicotine electronic cigarette high strength nicotine,medium strength nicotine,and zero nicotine e-cigarettes which can be used by people who are planning to quit smoking.

So when you start to smoke it like an ordinary cigarette it activates the electronic circuits contained within the cigarette and the vapourization process is initiated and makes the lower part of the cigarette glow red.When you smoke what that goes in is vapour that contains nicotine and it is delivered to the lungs, but in vapor form, rather than smoke which contains all the cancer causing toxins.

When you stop smoking the vaporization will finish, with the cigarette returning to standy mode.The lithium battery can be recharged using the equipment provided and the nicotine comes in cartridges with different strengths and flavours.Your daily living will be improved, and you can cut back on your expenses too.


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