Airsoft guns

25 Aug

Zephyr Airsoft is a leader in online and retail airsoft sales. They carry a complete line of airsoft guns and gear with Free shipping over $100. Whether your looking for an entry level Spring pistol for $10 or a high end Airsoft Rifle for over $500, they have you covered.

Airsoft guns are now extensively used in recreational sports and even in movie productions. The Airsoft gun is not a dangerous and deadly weapon, they are like a toy gun but still safety precautions should still be taken when playing with these replicas

Airsoft guns provide endless enjoyment and satisfaction, they’re also easy to use and take care of.

Airsoft is a sport that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. There are wide ranges of airsoft guns available in the market. The famous one which everyone wants to keep in his collection is Airsoft Machine Guns, Airsoft Sniper Rifles ,Airsoft Pistols, Echo 1 Airsoft Guns etc.

Airsoft guns are considered as soft air rifles. Types of Airsoft guns includes spring powered or spring loaded, electric guns, gas powered Airsoft guns, Echo1 and classic Airsoft rifles.

Zephyr Airsoft has all your Airsoft needs and Free Shipping Too. From Spring Pistols to shotguns, beginner to expert we have it all.

Airsoft guns have 4 main categories:

• Airsoft Automatic Electric guns or Rifles (AEG)
• Spring Powered Airsoft Guns
• Gas Powered Airsoft Guns
• Co2 Powered Airsoft Guns

Be sure to check the product listing on zephyr airsoft site for the battery requirements of your Airsoft Rifle. If you do not see the specs, please give a call at 805-275-2040 so they may help you purchase the correct battery. Airsoft Electric Rifles are designed to mimic actual firearms


2 Responses to “Airsoft guns”

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  2. Keneth Giambattista October 10, 2012 at 12:12 pm10 #

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