My new samsung galaxy n7000!

16 Mar

Got this beast with lot of expectations and am satisfied till now by the mobile’s performance.  I ordered this mobile on 6th of march’2013 in flipkart, Previously I used to wander through this website often checking for the newest of mobiles in the market and i tend to convince myself that even though the mobilesImage are attractive but they are not worth it!

My desire for these attractive mobiles was not controllable and i had this gut feeling always to purchase a high end mobile and i used to torture my friend by explaining the features of the latest mobiles in the market and at the end of my speech i would normally say i am gonna buy this soon.

All these days when i had checked for the best of mobiles in the internet i have mostly come across the Samsung galaxy n7000 and this happens to be the first release in the note series. This mobile has the best of features which are required by a person who could suit a manager’s role (Might be 🙂 ) and to be frank i don’t see most of the apps in this mobile which can be used by me or this can be even put as ” I am not up to the mobile’s expectation” .

Shouldn’t forget flipkart’s service over here, to be honest they were really good i got this mobile delivered within two days from ordering it. They had it nicely parceled and the warranty document was kept in it as mentioned and i am thoroughly  satisfied with their service.

In the last 8 days i just tested the mobile’s performance by uploading a HD movie in it and the output in the mobile’s video player was really good and the battery’s drain time is long which is what i really wanted.The images taken by the 8 megapixel camera is good but i would say that it is not exceptional after spending around Rs.27000 i thought all the features in the mobile would be a class act but the camera is a let down.

Playing games in this mobile is really good the 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A9, Dual Core processor would take care of all your gaming desires all the high end games can be played in this mobile without any stuttering. 

The 5.29 Inches screen will surely satisfy you by its output quality but one comment which you would get from all your friends is that “its too big” but not to worry you will get used to it in quite some time once you’ve have included it in your day to day life.

Finally i will finish this post by saying go for this mobile if you really want to have a nice experience in the videos that you watch and if you want the text contents to be legible while your browsing else if you want a mobile to be really very handy this is not your dish!

1. Video quality in the big screen is really good
2. Gaming experience is good
3. Navigating through different screens will be smooth & responsive
4. The pen that is included with this set is really good and can be used to take notes in the mobile itself, really saying this cuz when you write using the pen the output in the screen will be in your own handwriting which will make you feel comfortable to use it in the apps ‘S memo’ & ‘Snote’
5. Battery’s drain time is comparitevely long 

1. Camera is a let down the images captured by them is not good.
2. Initially you’d find it difficult to hold it in your hand and it will pain a little bit cuz your palm will be always stretching while holding this mobile .
3. Call quality is not good especially at our end the voice of the other person is not that much audible.
4. Mobile gets a little bit heated up if you keep playing games continously for more than 20 mins.


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