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13 Dec

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Internet Business

27 Nov

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Recruitment of Junior Telecom Officers-BSNL

24 Mar

BSNL is going to recruit 3945 Junior Telecom Officers by keeping an exam on 21.06.2009.The 3945 seats are seperated in to three divisions 3545 seats are allocated for junior telecom officers telecom ,200 seats are allocated for junior telecom officers civil and 200 seats are allocated for junior telecom officers electrical.

The pay for this is job is between Rs. 9850-250-14600.3% of the total vacancy will be reserved for PH quota.
The educational qualifications for Junior Telecom Officers telecom are-
The applicant must have completed Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Technology or equivalent Engineering degree in the following
i. Telecommunication,
ii. Electronics,
iii. Radio,
iv. Computer,
v. Electrical,
vi. Information Technology

The educational qualifications for Junior Telecom Officers civil are-
Bachelor of Engineering in civil from a recognized Institution/University.

The educational qualifications for Junior Telecom Officers electrical are-
Bachelor of Engineering in electrical from a recognized Institution/University.

The examination fee is Rs.750 and it should be paid through demand draft only.

The last date for applying for this post is on 06.04.2009.The question paper will be of objective format and the duration is for three hours,Only Indian Nationals would be eligible to apply for these posts.

No Salary Hike For Employees In IT Firms

11 Mar

The Global recession is so high for the first time since world war 2 and it has affected the developing countries more.Out of 116 developing countries 94 countries have faced financial shortfall and 43 countries have high level of poverty and are in a vulnerable state.

The most affected industrial sectors are exports,manufacturing,construction and IT firms are not left back in this list .India’s largest software firm TCS are likely to lay off 1,300 employees.The company has a total headcount of around 1.3 lakh employees.

Lay off’s have been started in centers in chennai where around 200 employees have been asked to leave.And the reason given for the lay off by the company spokesperson is “This is mostly for the employees who have been given a second chance to improve and haven’t” .

And the global economy is expected to recover only by 2010, so wage hikes will not be significant a TCS spokes person told hindustan times that “The salaries will be in a flat range for the employees and it depends upon their skill set ” .

And a director of human resources from infosys Technologies told hindustan times that “There are only few jobs in the market because of the global recession and this may persist for the next two to three years and salaries will be low”.

However experts in IT firms say that IT companies do not want to create high expectations for their employees amidst the economic conditions.

Obama Says No More Outsourcing

27 Feb

American firms will not be able to get tax free breaks if they outsource jobs to countries like india,china,philippines etc.U.S president obama said this on tuesday night.

He said “We will restore a sense a fairness and balance to our tax code” .More than 1000 U.S firms which have outsourced their jobs will be affected by this move of obama .Opposition parties have been demanding the abolition of this rule for a long time saying it was encouraging american companies to send their jobs overseas.

Some of the major companies which have outsourced their jobs are Microsoft,motorola,pepsico,ibm,honeywell.In his speech obama gave hope to all the american’s who are facing a state of crisis which they have never faced before but this rule will adversely affect countries like india where most of the people have now only started to prefer private companies more than government jobs.

And the most of the private companies are dependent on projects which are outsourced from the U.S and this may increase unemployment in countries like india.Obama in his speech said clearly that “While our economy may be weakened and our confidence shaken ,though we are living through difficult and uncertain times,tonight i want every american to know this: we will rebuild,we will recover“.

He said i will do all it takes to help the small businesses that can’t pay its staff and dropping out of high school is no more an option and by 2020 america will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.Obama is going to pass the budget proposal on thursday.

KPO-Knowledge process outsourcing

19 Feb

With more number of people joining in software industries and more competition and sudden recession in USA time has come for students to change their thoughts and move towards other fields atleast as a part time job. Knowledge process outsourcing is one among it kpo is not like a data entry job where we used to see and type details kpo has more fields like SEO,content writing,and web researching(collecting details from different sites).Because of the sudden recession students are not able to make themselves placed in a good concern rather than being idle students can work in kpo sectors as a part time work.Another report predicts that India will capture more than 70 percent of the KPO sector by 2010.
Some of the kpo sectors in chennai are MOBIUS(EGMORE,SAIDAPET),SCOPE E KNOWLEDGE CENTRE(TEMPLE TOWERS /NANDANAM),RBS.Even software companies such us TCS have kpo sector seperately so students who are trying for software jobs and who are not successful with it can work in kpo’s as a part time job.

Barack Obama

18 Feb

Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th and current President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold the office. Obama was the junior United States Senator from Illinois from 2005 until he resigned following his election to the presidency.Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review. He worked as a community organizer in Chicago prior to earning his law degree, and practiced as a civil rights attorney in Chicago before serving three terms in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. He also taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. Following an unsuccessful bid for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000, Obama was elected to the Senate in November 2004. Obama delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004.barack-obama-by-christopher-wink-mar-20081

Detailed info:

Relationship Status:
Married to
Michelle Obama
August 4, 1961
Religious Views:
Basketball, writing, spending time w/ kids
Favorite Music:
Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder,
Johann Sebastian Bach (cello suites), and The Fugees
Favorite Movies:
Casablanca, Godfather I & II, Lawrence of Arabia and
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Favorite Books:
Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison), Moby Dick,
Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Parting the Waters, Gilead (Robinson), Self-Reliance (Emerson), The Bible, Lincoln’s Collected Writings
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Quotations:
“The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends
towards justice.” (MLK)

Work Info

President of the United States
Time Period:
January 2009 – Present

United States Senate
Time Period:
January 2005 – November 2008

Education Info

Grad School:

* Harvard ’91


* Columbia ’83
Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations
Occidental ’83

Contact Info