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Thala’s Mankatha. . . . .

2 Sep


Thala is the winner this time,through his 50th movie “Mankatha” he has proved that he still is in the game . Mankatha has been filmed in a way it would satisfy all ajith fans but venkat prabhu has managed to satisfy people all over tamilnadu. Venkatprabhu would never disappoint us in screen play he has proved it before but it was mankatha’s story and how ajith would fit in it that was the big question but venkatprabhu has shown ajith like never before.

Thala with grey hair looks awesome and has done his best in this movie.Action king arjun doesn’t have a big role in the movie but without him climax would have been sloppy.Action sequences are not that good with a lot of gun fights. BGM in the movie is superb, yuvan rocks!!! .

Thala is back . . . . Ammo !!!!!


Audition Art

6 Jul

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Open casting calls

16 May

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Hansika Motwani Pics

25 Apr


24 Jan

Dhanush has proved once again that he is an versatile hero in his latest flick AADUKALAM is more than a proof for it.
He is one of the upcoming heroes who has strongly proved that talent has no substitute and will continue be a good entertainer.
The rooster fight that is shown in the movie before interval is really superb and the director has thought things in a different way post interval ,but the character which was really thought to play a vital role as the villain suddenly vanishes and post interval there happens to be a big twist the story line and screen play lacks pace.
Songs in the movie are really good and is the talk of the town.
A good entertaining movie which has set new standards of movie making.

Happy birthday to Rajnikanth

13 Dec

The nation’s biggest screen idol Rajinikanth celebrates his birthday today.
Happy birthday to Rajnikanth



Is this ajith or george clooney?

20 Nov

Thala ajith’s looks have completely changed nowadays and i don’t know whether he is aware or not but he appears like hollywood heart throb george clooney. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!!!!!!!