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Paintball Guns

31 Aug

Zephyr Paintball Guns is a leader in extreme sports including Paintball. They carry a complete line of the hottest paintball gear at the lowest prices on the web. Whether your looking to get started with a tippmann or are already an established tournament player looking for an ego or Dye NT. Zephyr has you covered.

If you’re looking for a marker that will let you spray the opposition with a fast fury of paintballs, this is the gun for you.With its aluminum diecast receiver, the Azodin KP+ Electronic Pump Paintball Guns is one of the toughest markers available.

Zephyr Paintball keeps in stock the full line of Paintball Guns, paintball markers, Package sets and starter kits for the paintball enthusiast. They have been in the paintball business since 2003.Their paintball store carries a full line of Spyder, Kingman, Tippmann, BT Paintball, DYE, Proto, Dangerous Power, Tiberius, Empire, JT USA, Smart Parts, Ariakon, Azodin, Invert and Planet Eclipse paintball markers, as well as other discount paintball supplies and paintball accessories. Their line of Paintball guns continue to grow daily with the BT TM7, Tippmann X-7, 98, and A-5, as well as the 09 Planet Eclipse guns the 09 Ego and Geo. For Dye and Proto in 2009 we have the DM9, 09 Proto Rail and SLG with Ultralight Frame.

Things that you can shop at their store are:
Paintball packages,Airsoft,Air systems,Player clothing,Barrels,Casual clothing,Goggles,Harness and bags,Hoppers and loaders.



6 Jul

Dakine makes a full line of backpacks and Dakine luggage as well as surf style clothing. Zephyr carries a complete line of Dakine gear at the lowest prices on the web with Free Shipping and Easy Return.Backed by a pro team roster that includes some of the world’s top action sports athletes, DAKINE has been an industry leader in action sports accessories , Dakine Luggage for over a quarter of a century.

Some of the products that are available are Dakine campus backpacks,Dakine duel backpacks,Dakine explorer backpacks,Dakine goggle backpacks,Dakine surf backpacks,Dakine luggage,Dakine terminal backpacks.

They provide one of the best customer support which is facilitated with live chat, Using Zephyr Sports Coupons is a smart way to save money while shopping online at zephyr sports.After adding a product in to your cart while you checkout you can find an option ‘Coupon/Gift Certificate Code’ to enter your coupon number and you can save money using that option.You can shop by brand which are listed in the site some of the best brands are available and you can choose your favorite product.

When you purchase a product over $ 25 (excluding tax and handling), you can get free shipping option. You wont face any issue with our shipping methods! Just put the things you want to order in your cart and enter your zip code and Free Shipping is one of the options to choose in the list .

Pakistan cricket scandal

7 Sep
pakistan cricket scandal

pakistan cricket scandal

In the most exciting sports scandal ever, Amir Mohammad Asif Mohammad handed bowlers and three balls flagrant breach of the order. Its London-based fixative Mazhar Majeed, leaving us in the scam in Paris for £ 150,000, sang “This is not a coincidence” before the duo relied on precisely Duff delivery times promised to our reporter.

Armed with our dossier of damning video evidence, Scotland Yard has launched its own investigation into the scandal. Last night, three players – captain Salman Butt, and bowlers and Asif Amir hade their mobile phones confiscated by agents. Millions of people around the world watched star players of Pakistan, Mohammad Amir Mohammad Asif and deliver three no balls in a friendly match against England on Thursday and Friday in the historic home of Lord’s cricket ground in London.

Suspicious fans crowded the floor yesterday to see the collapse of Pakistan, where they have been seduced by 74 innings in his first and forced to undergo. With his country in the turmoil of the recent massive flooding and devastation, the Pakistan cricketers win a stash of money in England, focusing on different occasions during the current party in the Lord. These are new allegations that will rock the world of cricket.
The home of cricket is the center of the vast corruption investigation involving seven tests playing Pakistan. Pakistan star bowling and Amir Mohammed Asif Mohammed are the main culprits in the center of the storm revealed by the newspaper Noticias del Mundo.

pakistan cricket scandal

pakistan cricket scandal

Amir Asif and two balls Procise time not playing a man who made the bet by the players, had placed a bet on the stars. £ 150k was won this test match, with money from no ball Procise sometimes played in the game. Mahzeer Majeed is the leader and the Pakistani captain Salman Butt, Amir and Asif bowling with three clear any ball, passing over a considerable distance.

Pakistan tests opens Yasser Hameed claimed his teammates were involved in the definition of “almost every game, it was reported tonight that the new allegations have threatened to destabilize the world of cricket and the team of Pakistan. The drummer also said he had been charged by a bookmaker to help establish a trial of £ 100,000, but refused the money. Hammed may now face censure by the International Criminal Court for not following proper procedures. The Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct states that an offense if a player “can not disclose to the ACSU (without undue delay) details of all approaches … it would violate the Code to combat corruption.”

pakistan cricket scandal

pakistan cricket scandal

And it reflects a greater abdication of the privileged citizens of Pakistan. Naturally, they are dismayed by the growing reputation of his country as a troublemaker in the world. But heroic exceptions, show little interest in trying to improve the place. Many tend to blame their problems on others, ideally America. Tax Dodge also cheerfully about 10% of GDP, Pakistan’s rate of tax collection is one of the lowest in the world. In cricket, as in life, the ruling class of Pakistan should recognize that the human problems of his country are largely their own responsibility. This would be a first step towards an end.

India vs New Zealand, 1st One Day International 2010

11 Aug

Team india played one of the worst cricket today that is ever possible. One of the top team in test cricket and one day cricket could have played some gutsy cricket,Losing doesn’t matter when you play real good cricket and still if you lose the match which is out of your hands.India got all out for 88 runs in just 29.3 overs.

The Nz’s really outplayed india today let it be batting even after losing a couple of quick wickets the kiwi’s managed to string a partnership between ross taylor and scott styris and they both made sure that the kiwis reached a challenging total of 288.

All of us would have felt very happy if indian players had played a fighting knock from their end as well but it was like everyone has given up long ago ,one after another all of them threw up their wickets and followed each other to the pavillion one of the worst cricketing displays by team india.Sad that these guys only perform in ipl…..

Score card…

India Innings
Batsman India(88/10 in 29.3 ovs)
D Karthik lbw D Tuffey 14

V Sehwag c G Hopkins & b K Mills 19

R Sharma c R Taylor & b D Tuffey 4

Y Singh c R Taylor & b A McKay 5

S Raina c S Styris & b D Tuffey 6

MS Dhoni(c) runout (D Tuffey) 2

R Jadeja c S Styris & b K Williamson 20

P Kumar c R Taylor & b J Oram 1

A Mithun c R Taylor & b J Oram 4

A Nehra c J Oram & b K Mills 4

P Ojha Not out 0

Extras b – 0, lb – 0, w – 9, nb – 0, Total – 9

Total:(88 for 10 in 29.3 overs) 88 Run Rate: 2.98

Fall Of Wickets
1/39 (Virender Sehwag, 6.6 ov.), 2/39 (Dinesh Karthik, 7.1 ov.), 3/44 (Rohit Sharma, 9.2 ov.), 4/50 (Suresh Raina, 11.2 ov.), 5/53 (MS Dhoni, 13.5 ov.), 6/62 (Yuvraj Singh, 16.5 ov.), 7/67 (Praveen Kumar, 19.1 ov.), 8/82 (Abhimanyu Mithun, 25.6 ov.), 9/84 (Ravindra Jadeja, 28.2 ov.), 10/88 (Ashish Nehra, 29.3 ov.)

New Zealand Innings
Batsman New Zealand(288/10 in 48.5 ovs)
P Ingram c M Dhoni & b A Nehra 12

M Guptill c M Dhoni & b P Kumar 11

R Taylor(c) lbw A Nehra 95

K Williamson b P Kumar 0

S Styris b P Ojha 89

J Oram lbw A Nehra 14

G Elliott st M Dhoni & b Y Singh 7

G Hopkins(wk) c D Karthik & b P Kumar 10

D Tuffey c P Ojha & b A Nehra 19

K Mills runout (S Raina) 9

A McKay Not out 0

Extras b – 1, lb – 12, w – 9, nb – 0, Total – 22

Total:(288 for 10 in 48.5 overs) 288 Run Rate: 5.9

Fall Of Wickets
1/15 (Martin Guptill, 2.3 ov.), 2/27 (Peter Ingram, 5.2 ov.), 3/28 (Kane Williamson, 6.5 ov.), 4/218 (Scott Styris, 38.3 ov.), 5/236 (Jacob Oram, 40.5 ov.), 6/241 (Ross Taylor, 42.2 ov.), 7/254 (Grant Elliott, 44.4 ov.), 8/277 (Gareth Hopkins, 47.1 ov.), 9/288 (Daryl Tuffey, 48.4 ov.), 10/288 (Kyle Mills, 48.5 ov.)

David Beckham wallpaper

11 Sep



19 Jun









bike wallpapers
bike wallpapers
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bike wallpapers

WE ARE BACK BABY-Chennai super kings

14 May
Chennai super kings

Chennai super kings

I am so happy that chennai super kings are back on track even though they lost quite a few matches but all they lost were tightly fought close matches.

But once again they proved that they are the real super kings by beating the rajasthan royals in a comfortable way ,Glorious 38 runs victory against the last year champions and also they have won five matches in a trot making their way almost to the semi final.

They are in the second position in the league table now but have more matches to go and they are in the top gear, so there’s no stopping.

Is it dhoni’s captaincy or is it the team’s effort that makes them come out of any situation is the million dollar question.But the truth is it’s dhoni who just helds them all in to a single group and who makes them perform he stands before them as a perfect example about how to handle pressure situations.

Not to forget hayden who is just giving the perfect start to the superkings that any team would dare to have and along with raina and badrinath also joining the party the superkings just rock and have the highest net run rate ahead of any team.

So the stage is all set and when mike hussey enters in to the team the chennai super kings will have the perfect team composition that any other team would dare to play against.And they are in the perfect rhythm of grabbing the title this time which they narrowly lost last time.

chennai super kings

chennai super kings