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Improve torrent download speed

19 Feb

People who are using bit torrent have become tired because of the download speed even though of having good internet connection and more number of seeds and leeches still because of some reason the download spped always sucks i was irritated by this issue until my friend helped me out with this thing by making a few changes in bit torrent you can increase your download speed .

STEP 1: Check whether the movie which you are going to download has more seeds and leeches better always choose the first film from theĀ  search result.

STEP 2:Set the upload speed in bit torrent to 80% of your maximum upload speed you have found out & Set the download speed to 95% of the max speed.
Preferences->Bandwidth->Maximum upload and download rate

STEP 3:Port Forwarding The Default IP will limit the connections offered to the port through the Bit torrent is connecting. Creating a static IP i.e a seperate ip address for bit torrent will help. You can learn about this here “”

STEP 4:Turn off your windows firewall before all these applications which is really anyway
of no use.
Opting these steps my torrent speed has increased a lot and now i am able to download two films in a time period of 6 hours.