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16 Jul



Most of us still have got addicted to the usage of internet explorer as the web browser but web browser’s like fire fox,opera, safari with advanced plugins have more advantages and are more user friendly which most of us have never explored.

One among them is the latest release by google the GOOGLE CHROME web browser i really felt advantageous when i used it, compared to any other browser it just brings up the search data in a relatively quicker time as google chrome is related with google search engine the search results are getting displayed fast.

Initially available for Windows Vista and XP, Google plans to expand its Chrome offerings to the Mac and Linux platforms as well.Chrome imports your bookmarks, passwords, and settings datas from Firefox or Internet Explorer. It even can acquire username and password data, and it automatically populates those fields for you when you use Chrome for the first time to visit a particular site, your username and password will be automatically filled in .

The browser also includes a java script called V8 and because of this JavaScript performance in the browser is increased.Google also say they’re using a “multi-process design” which they say “a bit more memory up front” but over time also “less memory bloat.”

The tabs that are available in google chrome are entirely different from others ,the tabs are present on the upper part of the window and you will feel different when you are using chrome for the first time.

The browser has an option of auto completion and before you type in your search word lot of search items will be listed below so that you can narrow down your search.The home page that is present in chrome is similarly related towards opera and a list of 9 thumb nails with most related search results will be displayed and also your recently bookmarked pages, as well as recently closed tabs will be displayed.

To fight malware attempts, Chrome constantly downloads lists of harmful sites. Google also promises that whatever runs in a tab is sandboxed so that it won’t affect your machine and can be safely closed. And Chrome also has an idea to add a task manager that gives the user an idea of how much memory and CPU use a page is consuming, and by allowing you to close anything that is causing a slow browse problem. But you should configure this tool on your own.

So google has produced an awesome user friendly browser and which is a powerful tool to help the needs of advanced users.There were talks that google will be releasing it’s operating system and this web browser release by google shows out one thing clearly the google chrome browser is specially made for google operating system.